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I believe nobody should live in pain so my mission is to get you moving again so you can be the best version of yourself


My Story

I first felt the benefits of Bowen Therapy for myself while recovering from a C-section & I was surprised at how, after only 2 sessions, my posture & mobility improved making me feel once again confident to continue my daily activities.

Being a naturally curious person I wanted to investigate further. With no specific career background (having spent many years travelling or frequently moving & working in a wide variety of roles) I had reached a point where I wanted to focus on employment that would be both a challenge & a joy.  I wanted  to help people but I also wanted to work with animals & Bowen Therapy fulfilled both criteria.


A few months after my own experience of  The Bowen Technique I began my training (while raising a young family) with The European College of Bowen Studies qualifying in June 2014. I immediately went on to train in Bowen Therapy for dogs with the School of Canine Bowen Therapy, qualifying in October 2015. In October 2022 I qualified as a level 4 Consultant in Applied Herbal Choices for Animals with Rose Applied Therapies & Training which combines my passion for working with animals & my interest in the bountiful health support which our local natural environments provide us with.

My natural curiosity & love of what I do keeps me learning to update my skills, add to my services  & increase my knowledge base in a vast array of subjects such as anatomy, canine behaviour, the emotional lives of animals & nutrition.

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Elly Adams of AllWellBeings.co.uk

My practice

Experience of meeting  all sorts of people in different jobs & places I have lived has lead me to see each client as a unique individual with their own story. These stories impact the way clients experience their pain & is different for each person. Therefore each client’s treatment path is personalised to ensure they are given the best chance for recovery from their presenting symptoms.

For people

Treatments for people are available at the Wellness Barn in Newent where you will find a relaxing & nurturing space.

Clients usually come to me because they are suffering with pain, stiffness or muscular tension. Their issues often impact on their ability to continue with daily activities as normal while at the same time becoming an emotional burden that affects their overall wellbeing. By developing a connection with my clients to fully understand their pains I can create a treatment plan that is best suited to the individual so there is greater potential for successful outcomes. 

Common presentations I see in my Bowen Therapy clinic are;

  • upper body & neck tension
  • lower back pain
  • hip/knee pain or restriction restrictions
  • frozen shoulder
  • frequent headaches
  • stress & anxiety related issues
  • women during peri-menopause/menopause
For animals

I run a mobile Canine Bowen Therapy clinic & Applied Herbal Choices consultancy visiting dogs & cats in their homes & horses at their yard, covering much of Gloucestershire & parts of Herefordshire, Monmouthshire & Worcestershire.

One of the most common issues I see in my Canine Bowen Therapy clinic is dogs with chronic pain & stiffness related to osteoarthritis as well as stress or anxiety linked to chronic pain. Not only do I aim to help these dogs recover from these & other issues they may be suffering, I also help owners learn to spot signs of pain, anxiety & emotional suffering while giving them the tools to improve their dog’s quality of life.

I am fully insured to treat people & dogs of all ages & am a registered practitioner with The British Complementary Medicine Association & the Federation of Holistic Therapists & am a recognised Canine Arthritis Management Advocate.

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Indian Head Massage

” I signed up for a few Bowen Technique sessions with Elly & after just a few short weeks my mobility improved & I have continued to have ‘top up’ sessions about every 6 weeks to the point where I am now pain free. The improvement in my symptoms is remarkable.”


“Fantastic. Watching the way my dog responded to the Bowen Therapy was amazing. She was showing Elly the areas she needed working on. After 1 day I could see a huge improvement in her wellbeing & happiness. Had a couple of top up appointments & she is right as rain.

J. Wilson