Rebalancing the body’s energy field for enhanced wellbeing

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Reiki is an energy therapy rather than a physical therapy which releases energy blockages within the body to restore physical, mental & emotional balance & wellbeing. 

Reiki means “Universal life force energy” in Japanese & this life force energy was first discovered by Mikao Usui in the 1920s. He went on to develop the technique which is now widely practiced across the globe becoming popular for;

​Clients often report responses such as improved sleep patterns, reduced pain levels, increased relaxation & a greater feeling of peace during challenging times.

During a Reiki session the client remains clothed & either sits or lies down while the therapist uses various hand positions to ‘transmit’ the Reiki energy. The therapist will either use very light direct touch or hold their hands above the body or a combination of both. 

The client usually enters a deep state of relaxation & may experience emotional release or unusual physical or visual sensations, such as tingling or bright colours.

I am always happy to discuss your needs & talk you through the treatment process before booking an appointment. Use the link below to book your free 15min call.

Reiki is suitable for all ages & all health states.

*** Reiki is a complementary therapy & not intended as a replacement for mainstream medical care. If you have any concerns about your  health please consult your GP***