Is Bowen Therapy Safe For Helping Everybody Feel Better?

How safe is Bowen Therapy?

As a non-invasive technique Bowen Therapy is considered to be very safe & beneficial for all ages & most health states.

Can I visit my Bowen therapist if I am pregnant?

Yes. Throughout your pregnancy your body is constantly changing to accomodate the different growth stages of your baby & you may experience aches & pains or discomfort that you wouldn’t ordinarily be experiencing. You can safely receive Bowen during all 3 trimesters to help ease your discomfort. Pregnant women often find treatment while they are lying on their side a comfortable way to spend their sessions.

Can my baby have Bowen therapy?

Yes. Bowen can be used from birth, throughout life & during end of life care. The pressure the therapist uses can be adapted to suit the person they are working with without reducing the effects experienced. Some practitioners have great success using Bowen to help babies suffering cholic, much to the relief of their extremely tired parents!

Are there any contraindications to Bowen Therapy?

No – but as with the majority of complementary therapies there are contra-actions or situations where I may consider it wise NOT to treat for now. For example if a client visits complaining of chest pains that haven’t been checked I would refer them to a medical professional first to be sure they aren’t experiencing a heart attack. Or if a client arrived under the influence of drugs or alcohol I would clearly not treat them that day. There may be contra-actions I take during a treatment such as avoiding certain moves on a client in their 1st trimester of pregnancy, or specific areas on another client I may choose to avoid if I have concerns. I may even refer clients back to their GP, their mental health team or any other suitable practitioner before further sessions if I have cause for concern.

Does Bowen Therapy hurt?

Absolutely not! Your Bowen sessions should be a pain free & relaxing experience. The pressure your therapist uses will be firm, at times it might even ‘challenge’ or at others it might be even more gentle than usual, it just depends on which nerve receptors we want to target. If you were to experience pain from the moves a therapist makes your brain would receive the wrong message – instead of relaxation & repair your body will be made ready for emergency, danger or high alert states.